Tailored tours
Touring with a guide is a unique experience. Stones start telling stories, Characters from the near & far past come alive and pieces of the puzzle start falling into place as stories unfold.


Guided tours

A city of temple and kings

It is said that in second temple era Jerusalem was one of the most celebrated cities across the Roman empire.

The great temple, built by the mighty king Herod the great, was a magnificent monumental structure built to perfection attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Destroyed by Titus and his four Roman legions, temple mount still captivates the imagination of millions around the world.

on our tour we will visit temple mount, City of david and the impressive water system and underground tunnels, The Herodian quarter and the Western wall.

Stories will be told of Kings and armies who came seeking the prizes Jerusalem had to offer, Archeologists looking for gold and lost treasures, and antique forgerers lurking to sell their goods to dreamers.
This is one tour you will never forget !


Jerusalems hidden treasures

Jerusalem is the most fascinating city on earth. Known for it’s captivating beauty since ancient times, the city lays surrounded by hills always projecting mystique. Many conquerers have been seduced by her beauty & prizes yet Jerusalem has never fully surrendered herself to anyone. Yet Jerusalem is an astonishing beauty willing to be explored.

astonishing beauty willing to be explored

We will continue our walk through the Armenian quarter and the Roman/Byzantine Cardo. Close by we will glimpse the city’s huge fortified walls dating back 2,600 years.

Over the Muslim quarter

we will climb for another breathtaking view over the city. No visit in Jerusalem is complete without a visit to one of the oldest and most important churches in the world-The church of the holy sepluchre. We will tour the church, The Golgotha& The tomb. This is no doubt a fascinating place. We will climb to the Church’s rooftop & hear stories of controversies & intrigue surrounding the church.