My name is Evia ronen-Certified tour guide by the ministry of tourism. Born, raised and still living in Jerusalem.

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Transport service

We provides a variety of transportation services to passengers throughout the Country.

Magical dream holiday in Israel

Operated by Irzahav in cooperation with Ophir tours/Peltours

Magical dream holiday in Israel

Christian singles tour December 23-31 2019


Magical Israel Jewish singles tour

Irzahav in cooperation with Ophir tours Peltours

Services for groups and agents:

We offer full services to groups and agents.
Planning itinerary, booking transportation, site, guides and hotels from airport
pick-up to departure. For more info contact-

Israel Travel Planner  “New website and App”

Israel travelplanner offers you a free service planning your trip to Israel according to your interests.

Israel travelplanner is connected to a map and features sites of interest completed with a video about the site You are welcome to view the video and decide whether you want to add it to your itinerary You could also order a private tour guide, transportation or even join a tour for very affordable, competitive prices.

Once in Israel, you are welcome to download the application and receive video explanations once visiting sites.

The service is free!